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 Mediterranean Basil Salt Sifter 6oz   $14.99
Alder Wood Smoked Salt 100ml            9.99
Applewood Smoked Salt   100ml            9.99
Hickory Smoke Salt         100ml            9.99 
Himalayan Pink Salt      100 ml            5.99
                                       Savings        10.96
                                       Sale Prive   $39.99


Grinder Gift Pack
Mediterranean Basil Salt
Gourmet Pepper Corns
Himalyan Pink Salt, Free

Regular:     $31.97
Save               5.98
Sale Price  $24.99

*100 ML Bottles

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           Mediterranean Basil Salt (Grinder or Sifter)
        *Habanero and Ghost Pepper Salt 16oz (Sifter Only )

                Regular                 Sale
        8oz   $19.99          $17.99    Save $2.00
   * 16 oz  $39.99        $34.99    Save $5.00 

              Mediterranean Basil Salt
6 oz Sifter    $14.99    3 for $39.99       
   3oz Sifter    $ 9.99      3 for $26.99

   Purchase a 6 oz bottle for $4.99 more.
   Twice the amount of the 3oz

Refillable and adjustable from fine to course.
$12.99 Each /2 $24.99

Mediterranean Basil Salt
Groumet Pepper Corns
Himalayan Pink Salt
Free 4oz bag of Himalayan Pink Salt with MBSalt & Gourmet Pepper Corn grinder. (Sifter)
Free refill with Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder.
$5.99 Savings!


              Smoked Salts
           Smoked with all natural wood

   Hickory  - Apple - Alder  (Salish)

                $9.99 each                                                       
     Purchase any 3 for $26.99 
              Save $3.00

     If you enjoy the heat!

Habanero Heat Sea Salt  4 oz (Hot)
Ghost Pepper Sea Salt 4 oz (Hotter) 

            $9.99 each
Himalayan Pink Salt
Sifter or Grinder

Experience the cleaniness of 200 Million year old Himalayan Salt with
84 trace elements absorbed by the body.

Finest Purest Gourmet Salt Available

18oz bag $14.99