Mediterranean Basil Salt
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Mediterranean Basil Salt             Regular     $39.99
Alder Wood Smoked Salt
Applewood Smoked Salt               Savings        -5.00
Hickory Smoke Salt                     Sale Price  $34.99


Grinder Gift Pack
Mediterranean Basil Salt
Gourmet Pepper Corns
Himalyan Pink Salt

Regular:     $31.97
Save               7.98
Sale Price  $23.99

              Mediterranean Basil Salt
6 oz Sifter    $14.99             
   3.5oz Sifter    $ 9.99
Refillable grinders, adjustable from fine to course.
$12.99 Each

Mediterranean Basil Salt
Groumet Pepper Corns
Himalayan Pink Salt


If you enjoy the heat, then try our,

Habanero Heat Sea Salt  4 oz (Hot)
Ghost Pepper Sea Salt 4 oz (Hotter

            $9.99 each
100ML Glass Bottles                                          
Smoked Salts
Smoked with 100% hardwoods!

Alder Wood
Apple Wood
Hickory Wood

            Purchase any 3 and Save $3.00   3/$26.99
​                Including Mediterranean Basil Salt

              $9.99 Each
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                 Refill Bags Sifter or Grinder

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